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Welcome to ASA! 

Anchorage Sports Academy is a community based sports academy that puts an emphasis on serving kids in grades K-8. It is our dream here at ASA to give back and help shape the lives of children with sports just as it has done so for us! We provide the winning combination of sport performance plus skill training in a fun and social environment to guarantee that we bring out the best in our kids!

Grow Confidence.  Grow The Player.  Grow The Community.

Coach Paul T Jackson is equipped with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help ground young athletes within the fundamentals and hone their skills.

What we Do

Learn + Perform
Scholastic Teams

  • APSAP Basketball Coach
  • Anchorage 6-8 Golf Coach
  • Anchorage 3-8 Tennis Coach

Private Lessons

Contact Coach Jackson directly to schedule private or group golf, tennis or basketball lessons

Clinics & Camps

"Let's Learn Golf Together"
K-5 Clinic

Why train with asa?

Watch and see how your kids have improved not only in skill, but also emotionally and socially with increased sportsmanship,  gestures of encouragement towards their teammates, and some of our team-oriented displays in performance! 



At Anchorage Sports Academy we take pride in building strong relationships within the community!

     I  am excited about ASA providing afterschool and summer opportunities for our students that help them grow athletically as a player as well as socially and emotionally as a student!    

Kelly Ransdell

Superintendent, Anchorage Independent School District


Other Partnerships

Meet Our Founder

Coach Paul T Jackson
Coach Jackson


Commitment to Community

It has been Coach Jackson’s dream to give back and create a sports academy with the sole purpose of enhancing sports abilities, building character and cultivating leadership within the community. Paul’s vision is to bring resources that will get the most athletic potential out of each child at all skill levels, and to help parents who want to imbue and instill an active & healthy lifestyle into their kids. Coach Jackson’s commitment is to help parents understand the best route to building their kids not only as athletes, but their character as human beings as well!

Athletic Background


  • 1989 MLB 4th Round Draft Pick by Cincinnati Reds
  • All-State performer at Oldham County High School
  • Western Kentucky University full scholarship
  • Current Top 10 at WKU for Home Runs and RBI’s
  • 2020 WKU “Top 100 Players of All-Time”
  • 18 Professional Home Runs; Career .304 batting average; Career OPS of .787
  • 2021 Oldham County Hall of Fame inductee


  • All-State performer at Oldham County High School
  • Led OCHS to consecutive state tournaments; Averaged 20.0 PPG
  • 1992 Western Kentucky University walk-on


  • USPTA certified tennis instructor
  • Teaching pro at Louisville Indoor Racquet Club
  • 2021 Owl Creek Country Club Singles and Doubles Champion
  • 1992 Western Kentucky University walk-on


  • PGA Coach Certified
  • American Development Model for Young Athletes Advocate
  • Tried to qualify for the 2021 US Senior Open
  • 2021 Top 10 Ky State Senior Amateur Championship
  • 5-time Owl Creek Country Club Champion
  • 2021 Kentucky Senior Amateur Series Player of the Year
  • 2022 PGA Associate in the Kentucky Section

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