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Who We Are

Welcome to ASA! 

Anchorage Sports Academy is a community based sports academy that puts an emphasis on serving kids grade K-8 of the community.  It is our dream here at ASA to give back and help shape the lives of children with sports just as it has done so for us! We provide the winning combination of sport performance plus skill training in a fun and social environment to guarantee that we bring out the best in our kids!

Grow Confidence.  Grow The Player.  Grow The Community.

We know that bringing out our kids full potential is first priority when it comes to being a parent. That’s why at Anchorage Sports Academy we specialize in optimizing our students’ athletic ability and in developing proficiency in sports specific skill sets! Our coaches are equipped with the knowledge, experience, and expertise to help ground them within the fundamentals and hone their skills as an athlete. Join ASA and we guarantee we’ll help your athlete meet their full potential!

Check out our fall K-5 elementary school basketball league!

What we Do

Learn + Perform
Sports Performance

It's common for kids to be involved in multiple sports. That's why when it comes to sport performance training, we make sure we deliver! Speed, strength, and agility are core attributes that are needed in every area of sports from the field all the way down to the court. That's why when we train our kids at ASA we make sure we hit these key areas in performance to build all-around athletes that can experience success in all sports!


Education is key! Not only in the classroom, but on the field and the court as well. We hire top quality coaches to teach our kids at ASA proper fundamentals and good sportsmanship in order to cultivate a strong foundation to pull from when it comes time put their skills to the test! We make sure all of our programs are fun and interactive so that kids retain what they learn and are able to tap into their potential when they perform!

Skill Specific Training

Tired of the same workouts in the gym? At ASA we incorporate sports specific skill training so that our kids can practice and train for in-game scenarios to prepare for when it matters the most! Does your kid want to increase their ball control to get better at moving the ball up the court? Or does your kid want to improve their backswing to increase the maximum distance their golfball will fly? Have them join ASA and we'll take them to the next level!

Why train with asa?

Let’s face it, there are tons of training camps, sports facilities, and fitness centers that you could pay for to help improve your kids overall game and athletic performance. But what makes ASA unique is that you know exactly what you’re going to get once they join! The cornerstone of ASA is our series of 6 week sessions that highlight specific sports concepts for each session. We give you a general break down of what sport is going to be played and what skill set will be improved throughout the duration of the 6-week session, and what better place to display those skills than at our end-of-the-session showcase called The Anchor

In the final week of all of our 6-week sessions, we end with a bang that we call The Anchor! Here we have the ASA kids showcase their growth and participate in a skill-display for all the parents to see! Watch and see how your kids have improved not only in skill, but also emotionally and socially with increased sportsmanship,  gestures of encouragement towards their teammates, and some of our team-oriented displays in performance! Bring your kid to ASA, and witness your kid grow into the person you aspire them to be and watch their potential unfold!



At Anchorage Sports Academy we take pride in building strong relationships within the community!

     I  am excited about ASA providing afterschool and summer opportunities for our students that helps them grow athletically as a player as well as socially and emotionally as a student!    

Kelly Ransdell

Superintendent at AIS


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Meet Our Founder

Coach Jackson
Coach Jackson


Commitment to Community

It has been Coach Jackson’s dream to give back and create a sports academy with the sole purpose of enhancing sports abilities, building character and cultivating leadership within the community. His vision is to have a one stop shop sports facility that is available to kids of all fitness levels and skill sets so that everyone gets a fair chance to tap into their true potential as an athlete. Coach Jackson grew up in Oldham County where he was an all state basketball and baseball player, but even with his athletic ability, he still felt that there was a piece missing in his development as an athlete. From that void was where he had the epiphany of combining sports performance & sports specific skill training that in retrospect he had wished he had as a child. Paul’s vision is to bring resources that will get the most athletic potential out of each child at all skill levels, and to help parents who want to imbue and instill an active & healthy lifestyle into their kids. Coach Jackson’s commitment is to help parents understand the best route to building their kids not only as athletes, but their character as human beings as well!


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